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    New Wave Hote

    : Back Beach
    New Wave Hote
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    Grand Room, Garden View
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    Superior Room, Pool View
    Deluxe Room, Garden View
    Deluxe Room, Pool View
    Standard 2, Pool View

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    24-hour room service
    Car park
    Laundry Service
    Trade center
    Coffee shop
    Wifi in public area
    Coming to New Wave Hotel at number 151B Thuy Van, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau City. One of the hotels private beach beautiful with spacious garden, airy, dreamy and romantic, you will feel cozy and comfortable as your sweet home.

    With a total area of ​​30,000 m2 - 140 rooms are tastefully furnished and luxurious modern style, all rooms have sea view, city view, towards the lighthouse, including the Superior Garden View, Grand Garden view and especially the Premium Deluxe Sea view room every morning waking up you can enjoy the sunrise on the beach of Vung Tau romantic and poetic

    The garden restaurant services, cafe and garden, health care systems ... Spa, gym system, tennis courts ... ... fresh water pool system of modern conference facilities.

    Especially on the beach services such as: Cano water skiing, beach volleyball, beach soccer ... is our best investment standards, aiming to bring the relaxed, fun and safe for you to use of marine services in the hotel's beach.

    Currently Newwave hotel has put to use a block house, with 40 rooms available to trong.Khach dining restaurant serving guests, the weekend has exchange programs with nhau.Ngoai the hotel Opera also Garden Cafe service, large airy space with lots of trees create a sense of relaxation.

    Coming to New Wave Hotel is home to nature!

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    Khách san moi, Tien nghi day du, nhan vien phuc vu tan tinh. Gia dinh rát hai long. Thanks! Asiabooking .
    Khong den lan hai
    Khach san dep . Nuoc tam thi yeu , nhan vien le tan an noi ko chuyen nghep de lam mat long khach . Ho boi thi do khung khiep .
    please change management for this great hotel

    such a shame, nice hotel, rooms good size, perfect to go to the beach. but so many small details that wont make me come back : all the vietnamese people go to the pool with cloths and go back to their rooms completely wet, so all floors of hotel ar completely wet everywhere, it's just discusting.
    our room perfect except impossible to take a shower it was either cold either boiling water no choice!!!!!!
    morning breakfast good for asian people not for westerners !!!!!
    and please clean the pool!!!
    this hotel diserve better if they change management, there is a great hotel behind that. such a shame.

    Nice hotel with big rooms with seperate bathroom and wc. One big bed 180x200 one 90x200 and one round couch turn into a bed. Tv and Fridge and Free wifi. Little bit weak sometimes but it works. We had garden view and a little balcony. Breakfast wasnt that good
    Great rooms & close to beach

    The rooms are huge with modern facilities. The staff were very helpful. The beach was straight across the road and there were plenty of places to eat. Taxi's were readily available right outside the door also we discovered we were with walking distance of shops not just the Imperial plaza. The pool was great after a big day exploring.
    Vietnamese Dance Music For All

    We stayed at this hotel for 3 nights. On arrival my dad went to his room to find feces on the bathroom wall… So they requested to change rooms… this resulted in them being downgraded a room with no refund.

    After that we spent a pleasant few hours by the pool, which was very nice, clean and quiet, until 4pm when a group of young local boys (who weren’t staying in the hotel) decided to play dance music extremely loud through the big speakers facing the pool, I couldn’t even hear my music through my headphones.

    We had to evacuate from the pool, to our bedroom on the first floor, where the music was still perfectly audible imposing. It stopped after 2 hours, just as I was about to complain.

    The next day we sat by the pool again, which was pleasant until 4pm, when the boys and music returned. I went straight to reception to ask them to turn it down, which they did for around 3 minutes. So it was back up to the room to try and escape the noise. Probably worth also mentioning the beach in front of the hotel hosts Vietnamese tour groups and also plays blaring music.

    At about 5pm, many Vietnamese people started to arrive in the hotel, for some kind of business party. They took over the hotel restaurant with loud music, a very loud microphone, lots of drinking and karaoke, which of course could be heard in the room. I voiced my complaints to hotel staff, and at 10pm that night when the part was still going on, they decided to move our room. We could still hear the party in the new room.

    The next morning construction work next to our new room began at 7.30am and of course music by the pool started again at 4pm, which was this time inundated by the Vietnamese tour group. This was followed by another even bigger party in the restaurant. At this point I had had enough. I asked to speak to the manager, but they constantly refused to let me, though I could clearly see him sitting in the lobby. I’m fairly certain he was pretending not to speak English, just watching chain smoking and drinking.

    Later they sent housekeeping to our room, who apologised again promising that the party would be finished by 11pm, which it did, however there were drunk people wandering the hallways until much later at night. I was so fed up at this point that the apology wasn’t enough.

    Eventually he offered me a discount, but I had already paid for the room on Agoda. He said this wouldn’t be a problem and he also said that construction would not wake us up again. But of course it did, this time at 7 am. I went down to reception in the morning before checking out and no one had any idea about any refund, and then they told me that they don’t give refunds or discounts. So I asked to speak to the man that had come to my room the night before, and he told me that he couldn’t give me a refund or discount because I paid with Agoda.
    This process took over 30 minutes and all he could say was ‘sorry’. The manager of the hotel was sitting right next to us, completely silent, just watching, smoking a cigarette. Disgraceful management, an awful, lazy and rude man, a complete lack of communication with staff, loud people everywhere (even though they have a quiet policy in the hotel) and just no care for individual guests.

    Don’t stay here unless you like loud Vietnamese dance music, are part of a large Vietnamese tour group or are homeless and the only other option is the beach (which is pretty dirty, covered in litter).
    The pool and rooms were clean but unfortunately the blaring noise, the staff and management of this hotel are all reasons you couldn’t pay me to spend another night there.
    Largest size room in Vung Tau

    We feel very comfortable at New Wave Hotel with
    - Modern facility and design
    - Room size is large, with a lot of free space inside for relax on a big sofa, big rest room
    - Clean and free
    - Near the beach, just pass the main road to go to the beach
    - Breakfast is not so much good, but acceptable.
    Hope these will be useful for your holiday selection