Dispute settlement mechanism

Responsibilities of Asiabooking.com.vn and provider in settling disputes from online transactions with customers:
a) Disputes between online exchange ASIABOOKING.COM.VN and provider will be negotiated. In case of incapably achieving target demand, one side has authority to bring legal charges against the others.
b) Dispute arrangement between Provider and ASIABOOKING:
ASIABOOKING.COM.VN will make efforts to solve the available complaints from the provider about accessing or using ASIABOOKING.COM service. If the efforts are unable to succeed and the provider has a complaint or dispute with ASIABOOKING.COM.VN, the dissatisfaction will be arranged under Vietnamese legal system. The compensation which ASIABOOKING must pay will not be higher than the obtained budget from Provider in the involving complaints.

c) Dispute arrangement between customer and provider:
Dispute between provider (hotels, resorts or yachts) and customer (subscribers and users of hotel service through ASIABOOKING.COM.VN) will be arranged by ASIABOOKING.COM.VN in accord with contract policies of ASIABOOKING.COM.VN

d) Dispute settling period will be within 10 days.