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    Bai Lu Resort Vinh

    : Bai Lu
    Bai Lu Resort Vinh
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    Tiện nghi khách sạn

    Car park
    Laundry Service
    Meeting Facilities
    Massage & Spa
    Outdoor Swimming Pool
    Wind & Kite Surfing
    Wifi in public area
    Bai Lu Resort Vinh owns private villas that are designed in harmonious style with the landscape. The peaceful place will make you satisfied when staying here.

    Bai Lu Resort is located in Nghi Yen commune, Nghi Loc District, Vinh city, Nghe An province. It is about 12km from Cua Lo beach, so you can easily go to the beach ... When booking a room at the resort in Vinh, you can enjoy luxurious space here.

    There are 2 areas: coastal & hill views villas with beautiful space and decoration. Each room is equipped LCD TV, Wi-Fi, safety deposit box, desk, air conditioning, wardrobe, soft bed, hair dryer, bathroom ... The resort also offers quality services such as laundry, room service, massage & spa, swimming pool, bicycle / cars rental, karaoke, conference rooms, restaurant & bar, souvenir shop, tour ...

    Bai Lu Resort has 3 restaurants with open space and poetic beach or pool view. This is the ideal place to enjoy Asian – European dishes and fresh seafood that are cooked by professional servers. Moreover, you don’t miss relaxing time at spa area on the beach with massage treatments.

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Danh giá
    Resort chỉ xứng đáng là 3 sao (+) thôi! Chưa dc 4 sao! Cảnh quan hoang sơ nhưng hơi nghèo nàn , cây cối, hoa lá ko dc chăm chút xứng với tầm 4*! Cung cách phục vụ ko chuyên nghiệp lắm! Ăn sáng món ăn nghèo nàn! Hom nào đông khách là phòng ăn lộn xộn như chợ!
    Nói chung chỉ xứng là 3*(+)
    Tuy nhiên phù hợp với những người thích hoang sơ, yên tĩnh để nghỉ ngơi!
    Bãi lữ resort - Điểm đến tuyệt vời cho gia đình có em nhỏ
    Gia đình chúng tôi gồm 2 người lớn và 3 em nhỏ đã nghỉ 2 đêm ở Bãi lữ resort (phòng deluxe hướng biển).

    Bãi biển tuyệt vời, khung cảnh đẹp, sóng nhỏ rất thích hợp cho trẻ em bơi lội. Các cháu nhà tôi rất thích.

    Ăn uống ở khách sạn thì bình thường, buffet ăn sáng không nhiều lựa chọn và hơi ít. Ăn trưa và ăn tối thì gia đình ra Cửa Hiền (cách resort khoảng 1 km), đồ ăn hải sản tươi và rẻ (gợi ý: quán ăn Phan Thiên ở cuối bãi nấu ăn ngon và thức ăn tươi).
    Bai Lu Beach holiday

    2 nights at this resorts, end of June, just self enjoy and not much help or care from resort services, beach is nice and privacy, environment and structures are fine, spacy bulgalows with green tree and flower, but there are many other things they need to upgrade, amenities in rooms are so bad and out of date, old TV, rooms are small, bathrooms are out of date and old... it seems they need to change all amenities in rooms
    Pool is small, dirty, no services for towels, no mattress for chair on beach
    Buffet is acceptable for local, but there is not much choice for westerners, location is far from central and no restaurant nearby, need to have meals at this resort
    If they want to have customers return they need to change above limitation, upgrade rooms facilities, more care about services, widen the pool and keep it clean...
    Suitable to call a halt

    I love the beach here, clean, desert and quite. All the resort was not fully exploited when i was there. The surrounding areas where we stayed were beautiful for any one like taking photo and posing.
    The food here is normal, seafood was expensive but if you go a little bit far area near the light house (or sth look like that), price a bit cheaper than the restaurant besides the reservation table. Buffet breakfast was unacceptable for me, few choices, slow service
    Anyway, for someone like taking normal rest here, it's fine enough to stay.
    Không như mong đợi
    Khách sạn này không xứng tầm với tiêu chuẩn 4 *, tiện nghi trong phòng hầu như rất cũ và không tốt, phòng ốc không được thoáng lắm mặc dù không gian bên ngoài thì rất thoáng mát, 1 điểm trừ nữa là ở đây hơi vắng nên cũng buồn
    Gorgeous location

    I had been in Vietnam for quite a bit of time staying in exclusively budget places. So I thought I deserved a treat and decided to stay at Bai Lu for one night. And I'm glad I did!

    Finding it is a bit of a challenge. I basically had no directions besides Google Map indicating where Bai Lu Bay was located. But if you drive north from Vinh along the train tracks and keep your eyes on the right for an arch with Bai Lu on it you'll get there (assuming you have your own transport).

    Driving down the road as you enter the bay, the view is magnificent. The resort seems to have the whole bay to itself. The accommodation is beautiful and great. It was clear that November (I was there in 2011) is low season as it was extremely quiet. Unfortunately this meant that the pool was not cleaned up (low water, leaves, dirt), but I went swimming in the sea so it wasn't bad. As the place is so far out (obviously part of the appeal) you don't really have a choice but to eat in their restaurant. That was an interesting experience. Communication was difficult: I only speak a few words of Vietnames, the staff only spoke a few words of English. Half of the menu wasn't available. The resulting meal wasn't too bad, but given the luxuriousness of the place I had hoped for something better.

    Anyway, it's a beautiful place in a great location and definitly worth visiting.