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    Du thuyền Emeraude Classic

    : Hạ Long/Bãi Cháy
    Du thuyền Emeraude Classic
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    Phòng Deluxe, Ban công
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    Phòng Suite, Ban công
    Phòng Superior, Ban công

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    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Nhà hàng
    Dịch vụ tour
    Massage & Spa
    Quầy Bar
    Du thuyền Emeraude Classic được nhiều du khách lựa chọn khi muốn khám phá tất thảy các vẻ đẹp của kỳ quan thiên nhiên thế giới Hạ Long. Đến với du thuyền thiết kế cổ điển này bạn sẽ trải nghiệm nghỉ dưỡng theo một phong cách mới, rất thư thái và đáng chi tiền nghỉ dưỡng một lần.

    Emeraude Classic sở hữu 37 phòng nghỉ với phần boong tàu rộng rất thích hợp cho các tiệc chiêu đãi. Du thuyền có 2 màu đen trắng trang nhã, lấy ý tưởng từ hình ảnh tàu hơi nước Pháp. Mỗi gian phòng được lót sàn gỗ sang trọng, trang bị đầy đủ phòng tắm riêng, phòng vệ sinh, máy điều hòa, dép đi trong phòng, điện thoại nội bộ, hệ thống báo cháy, tủ lạnh mini, nội thất, giường ngủ êm ái, bồn tắm có kèm áo choàng tắm…

    Bạn hãy tận hưởng những làn gió mát lạnh từ biển thổi vào qua các cửa sổ hay đơn giản là vừa tắm nắng vừa ngoạn cảnh trên những chiếc ghế mây tại boong tàu. Mọi thứ trên du thuyền Emerauda rất hoàn hảo để bạn tận hưởng chuyến du lịch Hạ Long trọn vẹn.

    Dịch vụ trên du thuyền tại Hạ Long này khá đa dạng với các trị liệu spa - massage, chèo thuyền kayak khám phá vịnh Hạ Long, nhà hàng & 2 quầy bar, lớp tập dưỡng sinh buổi sáng, dạy nấu ăn… Nhà hàng của Emeraude chuyên cung cấp các món hải sản địa phương tươi sống và đặc sản khác. Trong khi đó, Emeraude Café là nơi dành cho các món cocktail, trà/ cà phê và các thực đơn món Pháp đi kèm các loại rượu vang hảo hạng. 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    The boat was fantastic! Very beautiful. The service was excellent and the entire trip was very organized.
    two day trip was just right for our family's side trip to Halong Bay.
    I'd recommend including Halong Bay in your things to do when visiting

    The rooms were adequate and the story behind how it was rebuilt was a
    good story to hear. The crew was very nice and efficient.

    Our only disappointment was the food which seemed quite bland, maybe to
    try to please other guests.
    Tolles Schiff,nettes Personal, gutes Essen
    haben die kurze schiffsreise sehr genossen und würden jederzeit wieder
    dort buchen. die fahrt durch die halongbucht war so ruhig und entspannt
    -einfach traumhaft!! auch unserem sohn (10j.) hat es super gefallen,
    besonders squid fishing abends und kajakfahren und natürlich die
    Pretty good, but not exactly luxury...
    we had a positive experience on the Emeraude, despite some good and not
    so good aspects of our trip.

    To start with, the Emeraude is beautifully appointed and appeared to be
    the nicest boat in Halong Bay. We booked a double deluxe cabin, which
    was suprisingly spacious (for a boat), clean, and comfortable. It also
    had a set of table and chairs outside, which was great for relaxing in
    peace and enjoying the view. The crew were friendly and the itinerary
    included some good activities such as squid fishing, a basic cooking
    class, an outdoor movie (Indochine), and kayaking.

    While we enjoyed our trip, we agreed that we would have been
    disappointed had paid the standard price. There were many aspects that
    were not exactly "luxury": for starters, the shower did not drain,
    filling the bathroom with water for hours. We heard others complaining
    about this aswell. We got around this by not showering, but felt this
    was unacceptable given that this is advertised as a "luxury" cruise. The
    bed was not the double we booked but two seperate twin beds pushed
    together (although they were comfortable). The food was average and we
    strongly suspect one of us got food poisioning from one of the dishes.
    Drinks were expensive (although we expected this). The cruise was also
    very short - we left at about 12 noon and arrived back at the dock at 9
    am the next morning. Our receptionist was very suprised, telling us that
    most other cruises don't return 'til at least lunch time.

    All in all, we enjoyed our trip, but felt that it certainly was not
    worth the high prices it commands. If you are looking for an absolute
    "luxury" cruise, it might pay to consider other options.
    Acticities such as Taichi, cooking presentation, fishing, movie
    the emeraude suite room and a round trip transfer from hanoi to halong
    bay was provided using a private car. the driver showed up on time at
    the lobby of our hotel in hanoi, and the car was big enough, very
    comfortable and new. it was a long drive to get to halong bay but we
    were not bored because we could enjoy the scenery of farms, mountains
    and rivers on the way. we stopped by a resting area in the mid way, a
    sort of souvenier shop. i advise not to buy anything there because i
    found the price was at least three times higher than in the market in

    the emeraude boat was a bit old but maintained well. the bed was nice
    and comfortable although the toilet had a water leaking sound. the room
    was a bit smaller than i thought and i thought we would have a private
    balcony so that we can access to the deck privately. however, we found
    the deck in front of our room was open and other people could access to
    the area all the time. in the morning, it was a bit noisy because other
    guests came up to see the sunrise and the deck in front of the suite
    room was one of the best spots to be around.

    the food was tasty and above my expectation. maybe my expectation about
    the food onboard was too low. the buffet was well displayed with mixture
    of asian and western good in the lunch and dinner. the breakfast was a
    little bit disappointing as there were not many kinds. but the taste was
    pretty good.
    we had to buy our drink including water and the bill was charged to our
    room. the bar bill was very expensive.

    there are some snack or coffee time, and don't miss this time because
    this is the time when coffee and snacks are served for free. if you are
    late about 10 minutes, then the coffee is charged to the room.

    overall, it was ok but i would like to try other boat if i have another
    chance to go there.
    Mordern facility. Friendly staffs and fun program
    office in hanoi and emeraude cafe in halong is at the place convenient
    and their service is very good. the staffs are friendly and the food was
    good also. my daughters became a friend with all crews and even a
    captain invited them to his control room. it was great experience to
    stay in this cruise.
    Overpriced for what it is
    having booked with Agoda (where it was clearly stated that the transfer
    from Hanoi was included), we received an email where they tried to
    charge us for the transfer. After an exchange of emails with Emeraude
    consumer services, they acknowledged their "mistake".
    The boat and the cabins are clean and pleasant, however the food is just
    mediocre, the staff are not adequately trained and the extras (drinks)
    are extremely overpriced (and there's no alternative, as the cabins
    don't have a fridge).
    Furthermore, the trip is too short, altogether around 20 hours.
    Halong Bay mit Stil
    war bislang der Höhepunkt unserer Reise. Wir wären am Liebsten sofort
    wieder an Board gegangen. Überrascht hat uns, dass wir nur vier Europäer
    an Board waren. Das kann aber an der Nebensaison liegen. Den Transfer
    zur Halong Bay von 40 $ fanden wir etwas überteuert, aber es hat perfekt
    On our cruise, the boat offered cheap upgrades to the suites once
    passengers were boarded- which made us not so happy that we'd booked one
    up front. nice, pretty. food okay, booze quite pricey. suites are small, but, hey, its a boat.