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    Diamond Bay Resort & Spa

    : Sân bay / Diamond Bay
    Diamond Bay Resort & Spa
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    Giá bao gồm 01 bữa ăn trưa (hoặc tối) | Đến 31/10/2020
    Giá bao gồm 3 bữa ăn | Đến 31/10/2020
    Đặt trước 45 ngày - Giảm 10% | Đến 31-10-2020
    Ưu đãi đặt phòng Bungalow | Đến 31/12/2019
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    Bungalow, Jetted Tub
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    Phòng Suite Junior
    Phòng Suite Executive
    Bungalow, Quang cảnh biển
    Phòng Deluxe, Quang cảnh vườn

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    Diamond Bay Resort & Spa xinh đẹp với vị trí “tựa sơn hướng thủy”. Lưu trú tại đây, du khách sẽ cảm nhận được vẻ đẹp non nước hữu tình của Nha Trang từ mọi góc cạnh.

    Khu nghỉ mát Diamond Bay tọa lạc trên đại Lộ Nguyễn Tất Thành, Nha Trang. Hệ thống resort tại Nha Trang này có 340 phòng nghỉ riêng tư, thiết kế độc đáo như một dấu ấn riêng của Diamond Bay. Các phòng nghỉ, bungalow trong resort được sắp xếp rất đẹp mắt để bạn có thể lựa chọn hướng phòng phù hợp sở thích và túi tiền. Chất lượng của resort Diamond Bay Nha Trang thể hiện trong các tiện nghi như: TV LCD, két sắt, điện thoại quốc tế, máy lạnh, tủ lạnh, mini bar, máy sấy tóc, giường ngủ lớn, phòng tắm trang nhã, sân vườn, hồ bơi Jacuzzi độc đáo…

    Đặc biệt, những sự kiện MICE (loại hình kết hợp tham quan du lịch với tổ chức hội nghị, hội thảo) được Diamond Bay Nha Trang tổ chức rất chu đáo. Bạn sẽ hài lòng với các món ăn chế biến đậm đà, những thiết bị phòng họp cao cấp cùng các hoạt động giải trí thú vị như: chèo thuyền trên cát, đua thuyền kayak, truy tìm kho báu hoặc chiến tranh giữa những lâu đài cát. Tất cả được tổ chức quy mô nhằm mang đến sự thư giãn cho các đoàn khách muốn thử sức với team building.

    Phái nữ đừng quên dừng chân tại Sông Lô Spa nơi hội tụ những trị liệu viên điêu luyện, nguyên vật liệu thiên nhiên từ khắp nơi trên thế giới. Bạn sẽ được chăm sóc toàn diện về thể chất lẫn tinh thần từ những phương pháp trị liệu tinh túy châu Á, châu Âu, Ả Rập. Nếu bạn thích cảm giác mới lạ hãy chọn khu tắm bùn trăm trứng của Diamond Bay Nha Trang để cùng gia đình ngâm mình trong những quả trứng đầy bùn khoáng rất thú vị.

    Diamond Bay Resort & Spa tự hào là khu nghỉ mát hài hòa với thiên nhiên, chất lượng dịch vụ tốt mà bạn nên lựa chọn khi du lịch Nha Trang

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    Awful beach

    I am reading here other reviews about "amazing private beach" etc and I cannot imagine what kind of beaches have these people visited so that they can call this beach "amazing" and "beautiful" etc.

    Generally this is a decent hotel but the private beach is really awful. Water is hot and dirty and so shallow that is impossible for an adult to swim. They offer kayaks to the clients but this has no point because it is impossible to kayak at this waters.

    One more thing that surprised me, is that the majority of hotel's staff didn't know how to speak english. Especially in the restaurants. It was impossible to communicate with the waiters, we were using the simplest words but again it was impossible. This is unacceptable. You can't have employees in a 4 stars hotel who do not speak english. Come on it is not the cleaner, we are talking about the waiters in the restaurants...One day, a couple was sitting next to us at the pool restaurant and they asked 4 times for a bottle of water because every time the waiter was bringing something else!

    The room was good but in the bathroom there was constanlty a bad smell like it had been closed up for years and the air inside was stale.

    In the second beach, which is a little longer and you have to take the minibus or walk to reach it, there were huge jellyfishes in the water so it was also impossible to swim.

    We were very disappointed because in our long journey in Vietnam we had chosen this hotel to relax and enjoy the beach before continuing to North Vietnam and what we faced was not what we expected.
    very relaxing stay

    the hotel rooms were nice and clean, the hotel pool was big and the hotel surrounds were well kept- I think the gardners deserve praise as they do an excellent job. The hotel staff were very helpful.

    The spa had lovely massages and due to the new year we got a special price from the hotel which was very welcome. The restaurants on site served a range of meals at a good price, the Vietnamese restaurant could do with more menu options and there was one night when we had a meal there and it was very busy and the staff forgot parts of our meal. However that was one night out of a few that we dined there. The breakfast buffet was excellent, we enjoyed the wide variety of foods.

    We had a massage on the beach and we hired bikes to ride there which is less than 2kms and this allowed us to see the area which was nice. The bikes were decently priced to hire.

    There is an activities board which we thought was the daily scheduled activities so we arrived one day for yoga in the fitness centre and there was a group of people there who also wanted to do the yoga however no instructor arrived. My husband and I went to reception as we were looking forward to the class and they advised bookings were required in advance. My suggestion to hotel management would be to have 'bookings essential' written on the activities signs so guests know that they need to book.

    Overall we really enjoyed our stay and the whole hotel was really pleasant and clean and our stay was a highlight of our trip to Nha Trang- thank you Diamond Bay Resort and Spa.

    Thanks Tamara and Samuel
    Quiet and relaxing

    So again I read different experiences on trip advisor before booking. Well what most people say is spot on. We booked an ocean view bungalow. Definitely worth it. Very nice room however upon more inspection falling apart. Nice view from front porch. It a very large resort so our walk to breakfast was a long one. However we walked off breakfast . The breakfast is great different range of food and satisfies. However don't do dinner smorgasboard very disappointing and not worth the$. The waiters are the best here very nice and I have no idea how many times I was told enjoy your breakfast. The shuttle bus in to Nha Trang could run more often but is worth it if u want to go in to town for a break. This resort in middle of nowhere. Do yourself a favour and walk around not just in the shopping mall which is a bit of a let down. The reviews were right this is a very Russian orientated resort. We never found another Aussie there the 4 days we were there. And the pool has sufficient chairs and is nice for a quick dip. Apart from the fact it a huge pool nothing that sets it apart. We had tea at the banana leaf, the staff are nice but as most of the resort very bare English which makes it hard when trying to get things. Can take a day for an adapter. However they very friendly. All in all if you like to keep to yourself don't mind relaxing doing nothing all day then this resort is perfect. Eat sleep and relax
    Bad beach !

    The hotel was chosen because a private beach . Private beach turned out to be a dirty and small . They took on a different beach for free , but it was not convenient because electric machines were often busy and on the beach there were many people and nebylo free sunbeds . We are very disappointed !
    Comfortable and laid back Diamond

    Due to a crowded Tet in Nha trang we spent 2 nights in a local hotel in city not good, so it was great to check into Diamond resort for day 3 and 4 to a comfy modern spacious room. The resort is a place to chill very slow pace great pool and nice private beach area. Could offer a few more water sports. The food is good in the restaurants and poolside and the beer is cold, easy to get to/from NT City. pleasant staff, if u want to get away well worth a try !!
    Great place, but service is a bit disappointing

    We visited this resort on early March. We lived in the bungalow with garden view. It has a private beach, great breakfast buffet. However, there is limited supply of hot water, we cant take a hot bath there. What a waste on such a surprisingly big and well designed bathroom!
    Also, when we arrived, the reception staff asked us to keep our passports on the reception until we checked out. I really don't know what's the point to keep our passport????????I have never heard such arrangement in other hotels!!!!!!
    The staff's knowledge about the city are limited! We asked them how to go to the airport from city center, and they just told us to take taxi. And we can barely communicate with them as they don't know much english.
    Relaxing and Beautiful!

    Just everything was great! We had a beautiful bungalow with garden view. The stuff is very nice, always helpful and smiling. We loved the pool and the private beach was even better.. clean, quiet and crystal clear water. The breakfast is the best I had so far in Vietnam and the restaurants here offer plenty of choices which was always good what I chose.
    Amazing private beach

    It takes 40 minute drive from The Airport to Resort, passing clean and large road of Nha Trang city. Highly recommend Diamond Bay Resort & Spa as their excellent facilities. Room are clean, traditional style set up in villa and they have a small chair outside to seat, like Vietnamese people in countryside who love to seat and chatting with neighbor. Lovely private beach with white sand for you as Hotel is a little far from Nha Trang gulf. It take quite far to get your Villa from the Receptionist.
    Ok as a place to run-away from bustling city life

    The room is clean and spacious. The bed is ok, the bathroom is nice (I stayed in the jacuzzi bungalow, but I only tried the jacuzzi once, my daughter didnt like it). But I found the lights are a bit dark, too dark, for me.
    The furniture is a bit dangerous for toddler, many sharp curves on the edge.
    The breakfast is ok, many varieties but the taste is just ok.
    The private beach has brown-white sand, it is fine. Because in this part of area this is the natural color of the sand. We cant complaint for that.
    Some people jog in the sand and swim.
    But I didnt do this activity, because the water is cold and it's too windy (january's weather is like this in Vietnam)
    Yeah, I agree with other reviews' the staff speaks little English. But some are helpful and nice, while some arent.
    I asked a receptionist girl to ask somebody to drive me to my room with the golf cart because im carrying my toddler, shes heavy and im so tired. The room is located on the other side of lobby, like 500 meter. And she answered me, 'sorry, we are busy now. You can wait for 10 mins." she said it only by looking at the concierge, even she didnt ask or discuss it with the concierge.
    So, I walked alone, tho im so tired and feel like cant move anymore.
    Very few vietnamese has sympathy to others. So, bear with this while you are in Vietnam.

    Overall, this resort is just ok and very quite.

    Flawed resort -- did not feel like I was in Vietnam!

    I rarely write bad reviews but I feel like people need to know the truth.

    First off, the resort itself is sufficiently decent with respect to accommodations -- clean room, nice pool area, gym, etc. However, it is terribly flawed.

    I understand that this resort (and area of Vietnam) is favoured and catered to Russian nationals--and I have the utmost respect for them as I would for any other persons--however, the resort does not make this clear during booking. Therefore, as a person who is not of Russian decent, it can be a pretty awkward experience. For example, eating breakfast at the restaurant buffet whilst listening to 80s Russian music playing overhead in the background--am I here for the Russian experience or the Vietnamese experience? As a Russian national, you stand to benefit from this; if not, even as a person of Vietnamese decent, it definitely impinges on your vacationing experience.

    Food at the resort is definitely not something to rave about -- the buffet breakfast was 3 stars at most. A disappointing case of quantity over quality.

    Service is lacking -- it took well over 10 minutes for my iced coffee to arrive at the pool bar after the attendant nearly bit my head off for ordering so early in the morning. Check-out was painfully slow but luckily one of the female Vietnamese attendants noticed the frustration on my face and stepped in to assist as the previous attendant helping me skipped over me to help someone else.

    There is NO private beach area. The reviewer before me hit the nail on the head: the area is definitely a muddy basin -- totally unappealing and not swimmable, unless you are a child and/or have a low tolerance for cleanliness. So you have to take a shuttle to the other beach in order to do any swimming in the sea.

    This is definitely not a 4 star hotel... I'd give it 3 at most.