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    Cát Bà Sandy Beach Resort

    : Đảo Nam Cát
    Cát Bà Sandy Beach Resort
    Bungalow 2
    Cat Ba Sandy Beach - Room 2
    Cat Ba Sandy Beach - Room 3
    Cat Ba Sandy Beach - Room 4
    Cat Ba Sandy Beach - Room
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    Phòng Deluxe, Ban công (Deluxe Bungalow)
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    Phòng Superior, Ban công (Superior Bungalow)
    Phòng dành cho gia đình, Ban công (Family Bungalow)

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    Cát Bà Sandy Beach Resort tọa lạc tại đảo Nam Cát – một hòn đảo nhỏ trong vịnh Lan Hạ xinh đẹp. Đây là resort lý tưởng để bạn và gia đình trải nghiệm một kỳ nghỉ tuyệt vời khi đến Đảo Cát Bà.

    Bạn sẽ mất khoảng 30 phút đi thuyền từ bến tàu Cái Beo để đến bãi biển cát trắng của đảo Nam Cát. du khách khi đặt chân lên đảo sẽ tìm thấy Cát Bà Sandy Beach Resort. Khu resort hấp dẫn du khách bởi đặc trưng phong cách kiến trúc bungalow gỗ và các cầu nối độc đáo.

    Hệ thống 25 bungalow của resort Cát Bà Sandy Beach trang bị nội thất thoải mái, tiện nghi gồm có: giường ngủ, điện thoại, phòng tắm vòi hoa sen, máy sấy tóc, máy lạnh, quạt, bàn… Hầu hết, các phòng nghỉ có hướng biển du khách sẽ thỏa thích ngắm bình minh, hoàng hôn tuyệt đẹp trên đảo.

    Tại resort, bạn sẽ đắm mình trong các hoạt động thú vị như: đi thuyền khám phá vịnh Lan Hạ, lướt sóng, lặn ngắm san hô đầy màu sắc, nhảy múa quanh lửa trại. Dĩ nhiên không thể thiếu những buổi tắm biển, nô đùa cùng những con sóng bạc trên đại dương. Bạn và gia đình sẽ có nhiều kỷ niệm đáng nhớ khi nghỉ dưỡng tại resort này.

    du lịch Đảo Cát Bà, lựa chọn Cát Bà Sandy Beach Resort, bạn sẽ có thời gian để trải nghiệm một cảm giác độc đáo và khác biệt.
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    Gửi đánh giá

    On arrival Mr.Ten greeted us all with a warm Vietnamese welcome and made us all feel at home. He showed us all around and ensured that everyone was comfortable in their rooms, and made it clear that if there were any problems they would be dealt with promptly. Mr. Ten was a star host and was professional throughout our stay whilst also being friendly and fun. There is something for every one there (swimming snorkelling pearl farms caves kayaking etc etc ) The rooms are spotless ,the views pictures don't do them justice I would with out a shadow of doubt recommend Cat Ba Sandy Beach resort we had such a good time the only down side was we did not stay long enough .Anthony and Aoife two happy travellers
    Enjoyable stay with amazing scenery

    My boyfriend and I stayed here one night as part of a Ha Long Bay tour. Neither of us had ever been on a group your before, so we were pretty happy to be left to our own devises, at last.
    We had a sea view room with AC and a balcony. Very cute and did the job. The food is pretty good and varied. Kayaking around the islands is incredible and the beach is real paradise. As it was May, after dark (and lights out), we could swim with the lit up plankton. Amazing!
    Lots of interesting people to meet because of the high group turnover, but you could equally not socialise and no one would mind. It's fairly basic, but very cheap for its location. I would recommend this place and visit again if I was on Cat Ba.
    Don't believe poor review of this place

    Everything was just perfect. Amazing staff. Ten and his team really nice and big helpful. nice room with view. Good breakfast. The resort is located in an absolutely lovely and amazing island, and lovely view from every where. We had great time on Cat ba Sandy Beach Resort.
    gorgeous scenery but set up for cruise tours

    The resort itself is beautiful and of course the scenery cannot be beat! Rented a kayak (not included in price as claimed on their website) and toured around the islands on our own, which was lovely. There is no wifi, which we were happy about. The room was rustic with no air conditioning. The bathroom was quite small and the 'shower' was just a handheld sprayer located next to the toilet. All of this we did not mind - as we were here to relax on the sand and stare off at the green cliffs. My main problem is as follows:
    Like other reviewers have noted - this resort is really set up for tour groups who stay one night and venture onward. Lunch is at 12, when the group arrives, and lasts one hour. Dinner is a buffet affair, which has decent food. Breakfast is at 7 and again only lasts one hour! This is to accommodate the group who will leave on a boat at 8am. No one mentioned the time of breakfast or lunch to my boyfriend and I so we missed both (slept in/were busy kayaking). They offered to make us some food but seemed begrudging to do so. Food is not available outside of these times with the exception of some overpriced chips they sell at the bar. AND - I found out from overhearing a conversation with someone from the tour group - all of their bungalows had A/C.
    So - all in all it was fine. If you are looking for above average accommodations, do not stay here. But if you want to feel like you are 'away from it all' and are ok with the above description I say go for it!
    Nota bene - don't bother setting up a boat to pick you up from Cat Ba town. We waited hours for someone from the resort to pick us up (which was pre-arranged and we phoned them several times) and finally just paid an individual with a boat to take us out there. It was cheaper and we could have done it as soon as we got to the docks!
    Also - You must pay for everything in cash. They do not have wifi on the island and so cannot take cards as a form of payment.
    Worst experience ever, avoid!!

    We arranged to spend a night here on the way back from a boat trip with Cat Ba Ventures. On first impressions, the scenery is very beautiful. Just such a shame about the treatment we received. The manager of this resort is the most unprofessional and rudest I've ever met. He was extremely unwelcoming when we first arrived but the worst was on the day we were due to leave. We were supposed to ask him to call Cat Ba Ventures (an agency), who would arrange for us to be picked up in a boat. They said we had to do this 1hr before we wanted to leave which we explained to the manager several times even though he kept pressing us to leave by 10am from the minute we set foot on the island.

    On the day we checked out, we left our rucksacks in the common area where he asked and decided to spend the day on the beach and get back to Cat Ba around 6. At around 1pm he rushed over to the water, yelled at us to get out and told us we had to go now. He'd called the agency himself and made them send a boat. When I confronted him, he pretended that he didn't understand and said one of his staff must have made a mistake. It completely ruined the day for us to feel like we were being kicked off the island. This place is just not worth it for this kind of treatment.

    On top of that, would definitely second the other comments. Everything is triple the price on Cat Ba (to be expected), food is awful, the Vietnamese daytrippers leave rubbish all over the beach and the resort is in poor condition.
    Never come back

    We booked two night but everything went wrong, we would not recommend for anyone to come here again. The resort is very nice location where we did not mind about "no fone,no internet connection" and more than that, these were what we experienced :
    - Resort did not inform that we need to pay 60,000VND (about 3$/2 pier tickets) and 200,000VND(abt 10$) for each way for a tiny boat to pick us up and drop off. As you see, the price for round way is similar with 1 night price. We thought it was fine, as long as the place is nice for us
    - We knew that there would have no Internet connection,we did not expect that even the fone did not work either
    - Water in room for shower is YELLOW, and smell like iron.
    - Electricity was not stable.Our fans stopped working every 5 mins. and the resort staff cut electricity after 11:00pm, my room and 5 other rooms could not sleep at all, we all had to sit in front of our rooms, tried to stay awake until 5:00am. We thought we could swim but the tide was too low, no water in the beach, we saw all mud and the dark. But the main house where all the staff slept, the light and fans were on.
    - BBQ dinner ( as they named it) served at 07:00pm, that mean if you come late you do not have enough food to eat. Poor meal, I saw some guests were really unhappy as they came at 07:30 after enjoying their slow smelly shower. Of course there were no music, no activities after diner, everyone went back to the room directly..
    - As I mentioned above, there were no water in the morning, only mud mud and mud. So no swim after another poor breakfast.
    -I decided to cancel the second night, after I mentioned all the reasons why I would like to leave, they said they could contact Agoda to refund money to us. It has been almost a month until now, nothing happens. I tried to call them 5 times but they never call back, keep promising that they would check it on system and get back to me later. but nothing from them. So we wasted about 50$ for this place.
    They did not care about us (not only my room,also many other rooms as well).They simply said "Well, you already paid for Agoda, I can't help, you can stay or leave if you want"
    Beautiful Scenery, Nice Rooms

    We stayed at the resort for one night during our trip to Northern Vietnam. We were lucky enough to get a room with air conditioning, as not all rooms do. However, the power cuts out almost every hour which can be quite bothersome.
    The resort itself is very nice. The bungalows are in good condition and the grounds are well taken care of. You are surrounded by nothing but nature and it is very quite at night. No loud music. Good place for swimming, kayaking and playing some volleyball or football.
    Only downside was the food. Pretty bland and not much choice.
    Romantic Place

    My family stayed here for one night in a twin room of the sea view wooden bungalow. The landscape is romantic, the beach is narrow but nice and clean, with silent waves. Kayaking is good and very cheap. Breakfast is good too. Everything is good but I can't sleep well with the bad mattress and loudly air conditioner.
    Lovely island stay

    Me and my girlfriend stayed here for one night on our 2 day Halong Boat stay. Such a nice little island, free kayaks which we took around the back of the island, seeing amazing views, floating villages, caves and cool birds.

    Mr Ten was really friendly and attentive, our windows wouldn't lock so the staff were straight on it to get that fixed for us. Give them a tug because a lot of them just slide open. Nice beach, wish the sea was a bit cooler, cheap beer and ice cream to enjoy during the day, tab system. Sun loungers everywhere to relax on, although they could do with cushions. There was a pool table, foosball, beach volleyball and football, so lots to do in the afternoon you are there. To be honest though you just want to relax!

    The rooms were pretty basic but we got the cheapest ones, lovely view onto the beach, 2 wall mounted fans and clean towels provided, only annoying this is the power kept going off in the evening when we were showering and getting ready to sleep but let's be honest where you are it's amazing they have electricity at all. No wifi but your only there for a night, even if there there for a few it's perfectly easy to go without!

    The food was lovely, again you have to consider the amount of people they have to feed with a limited amount of time and resources. Lunch was sharing, which included prawns, fish curry, salad, rice, pineapple, chicken noodles, bean sprouts, and dinner was a buffet with clams, BBQ squid, chicken and pork, chips, salad, rice and noodles. Breakfast had unlimited tea and coffee, pancakes, toast with proper jam, unlimited eggs, as well as Pho!

    In the evenings we just chatted away with the people we met in a big group, sharing funny travel stories and tips for them on where to go next, be sociable!

    An awesome night, thank you
    Kayaking paradise

    What a unique experience! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The food was phenomenal and well priced. Could use some hammocks and pillows for the wooden lounge chairs. Kayaking is splendid, the nearby floating villages, beaches and scenery are unbelievable. An absolute one of a kind adventure!