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    Cát Bà Island Resort & Spa

    : Biển Thị Trấn Cát Bà
    Cát Bà Island Resort & Spa
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    Bãi đậu xe
    Dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay
    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Dịch vụ trông trẻ
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    Massage & Spa
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    Tắm hơi
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    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Cát Bà Island Resort & Spa là khu nghỉ mát thu hút du khách thập phương bởi sự kết hợp hài hòa giữa kiến trúc kiểu Pháp và truyền thống Việt Nam.

    Khu resort Cát Bà Island tọa lạc tại địa chỉ bãi Cát Cò 1, Đảo Cát Bà, vịnh Hạ Long. Resort mang trong mình vẻ đẹp của những gian phòng có nội thất làm từ gỗ và mây tre đan rất thanh lịch, ấm cúng khiến những vị khách khó tính nhất cũng mở lời khen ngợi.

    Hệ thống 109 phòng nghỉ hài hòa trong cảnh quan tự nhiên trong xanh, yên bình của Đảo Cát Bà sẽ làm nên dấu ấn khó phai trong lòng du khách. Mỗi phòng trang bị đầy đủ TV, truyền hình cáp, bàn làm việc, bàn trang điểm, giá để hành lý, mini bar, tủ quần áo, két sắt, dép, trà/ cà phê miễn phí, 2 chai nước khoáng, phòng tắm tiện nghi… Tại Resort ở Cát Bà Này còn có các dịch vụ đi kèm từ bãi đậu xe, dịch vụ phòng, tour khám phá vẻ đẹp tiềm ẩn của vịnh Hạ Long bằng cách du ngoạn vịnh Lan Hạ, đảo Khỉ, nhà hàng, spa, phòng hội nghị, thể thao trên biển thú vị… Tất cả được thiết kế, hỗ trợ bởi đội ngũ nhân viên chuyên nghiệp giúp bạn và gia đình có một chuyến đi hơn cả mong đợi.

    Cát Bà Island Resort & Spa cung cấp 2 nhà hàng: Seashore, Terrace đây là nơi du khách có thể thưởng thức các thực đơn Á – Âu đậm đà hương vị. Ngoài ra, một chút cocktail, một chút rượu ngon tại Fun Pub lãng mạn hay Bar Cướp Biển ấn tượng với những ca khúc sôi động sẽ giúp bạn ngon giấc sau một ngày khám phá vịnh Hạ Long xinh đẹp. 

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    Gửi đánh giá

    Nice rooms with great view of the bay. It's a big complex with decent pool and separate slides. Didn't try the spa as only stayed 1 night. Food / restaurant we OK but nothing special. For this reason I would recommend you get a good deal as it is over priced for the country & facilities.

    Super comfort

    I only stayed here for one night as part of a Halong Bay cruise - but this place has it all. Lovely spacious and clean rooms with little comfort details such as free coffee and tea, fresh fruit, kimono etc. The whole resort is beautiful and well keept. Very green with nice big pool and real nice beach. The dinner I had here was super!! There were not many guests though.
    Definitely not 4 stars!!!!!

    Stayed here 2 nights which were more than enough. They need to learn what good service means. We got the family room which was quite big with tired looking furniture and smelled awful. We were served the same dinner menu both nights.
    They could not pay me to stay there again.
    Quiet resort in Cat Ba

    Upon arriving at Cat Ba town from Hanoi via Huong Long public transportation of bus-boat-bus, took local private taxi to this resort as it was raining which cost VND 20K.

    Check-in was smooth which was handed by the manager & was instructed to leave my passport with them. The passport was collected back when I checked out.

    Stayed in this resort as the base to visit the famous Halong Bay and found it very quiet with only few other guests during our 2 nights stay in the beginning of April '15, maybe it’s still the low season. Stayed at superior ocean view room no 2311 with a small balcony. It has 2 pools where we didn't see anyone using the pools while we were there. Like the well maintained big compound in this resort. Found the free wifi weak & intermittent from our room. Room is clean & daily housekeeping was carried out.

    There is a public foot path passing through the front of this resort which goes around the edge of the cliff where this foot path is linked Catba Sunrise Resort. Walking along this foot path offers beautiful scenery limestone rock structures near to the coastline.

    Breakfast is served at the restaurant located at the same building as the reception hall, on the lower floor. Foods & drinks choices for breakfast are just adequate. Also went for dinner on 1st night at the same restaurant and menu has varieties of choices but found some of the items in the menu not available as it might be due to low season. Foods we ordered came in big serving but nothing to shout about.

    The resort is within walking distance from centre of Cat Ba town where we walked to the town from the resort & found out it took about 15 minutes. Walking to town is easier as it is walking downhill from the resort entrance.

    Upon checking out we told them our need to get transport to nearby Cat Ba town to catch Huong Long public transport back to Hanoi and appreciated that they offered us the hotel free shuttle mini bus to the town.

    Overall this resort is good for travellers who like privacy & quiet atmosphere as found during my time there was very quiet in a secluded area. Also good for travellers with kids as there are 2 swimming pools, a mini water park with water slides & some games facilities. Choosing a base to explore or visit Halong bay would be better with one of the hotels at the town as there are many foods, drinks & shop outlet in town without the need to walk further distance.
    Unusual experience

    We chose Cat Ba Island for 2 nights instead of staying on the boats, which in hindsight was right for us having teenagers.
    The resort was set up with all the bells & whistles on a big property, it had water slides, 2 pools, a well set up day spa, great views etc However there were no other guests when we arrived which was very strange!
    The rooms were basic & clean though smelled musty but had excellent water views over the bay & the resort. The breakfast the 1st morning was a disaster as they didn't do the included buffet due to numbers, there was very little English so communication was difficult, forget poached eggs they come hard boiled! They did put it on the 2nd day & it was ok. The standard of food at the hotel was average, we ate dinners in town just down the road. The grounds of the hotel were very well kept & there were lots of activities, ping pong & pool table, great pools with slides & playground for small kids. There's a big restaurant at the front over looking the bay but it was closed they seamed to be opening it the day we left. Looked like the breakfast was once served in there which would be a very nice location. We used the spa facilities, I had a massage that was very good & used sauna & steam room the spa pool was out of action, again this looked good if it were in use. We tried to have massages the next day but were told no so they missed out on our money as we wanted 6 but they could only do 1 then it was lunch time, again language barrier so not really sure what was going on. The kids had a ball on the water slides & had no trouble amusing themselves with pool table etc.
    We booked a tour through the hotel & the gentleman on the front desk was awesome, if they had a team of him the hotel would be so much better his attitude toward guests was fantastic. The rest of the staff were very uninterested in guests.
    This was a different couple of days, in a nutshell the resort is good, staff very average & location great, lots of potential. We did enjoy our stay here.
    Very disappointing experiance

    I had booked four nights for a great Christmas experience with my wife - we were met by a very friendly manager who told us we had been upgraded and he would show us our room - this is a four star hotel and must have been great in its hay day -it was off season and this was very evident in the way we were treated - all the chairs were packed away,at the sea front, equipment in the spa was not working - the place overall was a bit run down and not what is expected from a four star hotel - we checked out and found a hotel round the corner with the standard of facilities and service expected from a four star hotel - I feel that the CatBa resort and spa has passed it's sell by date
    Inspiration for Grand Budapest Hotel. Avoid

    We choose this hotel for the 5 days over Christmas. Bad decision! In its heyday this must have been the crown of Cat Ba. But those days are gone. With less than 10% occupancy the resort was like a ghost town. Staff lounging or sleeping over the tables, the spa baths not working, the bar all covered up with plastic. Breakfast fine but staff had minimal
    English so ordering a fried egg was a challenge . Taking a stroll to the beach front was a journey passed stacked chairs and tables and empty venues. The thatching on top of the reception areas and carousels is faded and flaky. The whole place looks a little weary and tired and certainly in need of some TLC. Now I know it is winter but considering that this is a 4 star hotel and one of the most expensive on the island - my advice would be to pass right on so that you do not find yourself a character in the Grand Catba resort of Vietnam
    Faded Glory

    Don't bother to check-in on this hotel if you are expecting a 4 start class service and facilities. This is definitely just 3 star or 2.5 star. The service is friendly but lacking of knowledge of how to operate a 4 star class hotel. We are here on low season which is now Dec 23 - the hotel has many many rooms, but the percentage of occupancy is probably less than 10%. That's fine but the service and the facilities should not drop down too. I would say - with just bit more training to the staff from the maintenance, housekeeping and restaurant staff - this place is fine. But it has seen its good years.The toilet and bath grout need some for tender loving care. The lift needs some wiping, the breakfast restaurant needs some proper hotelier manager or F &B manager to make it more enticing and to fit in the star rating they advertised. My observation is whoever is in-charge needs to wake up a bit and tidy up the way the present their hotel. For example the breakfast area- It feels like you are having breakfast a someone's middle class house with no proper cupboard to hide the boxes and other things. They have a big space that it looks so cluttered. The staff looks pathetic and has no clue on how a hotel should be presented- but I don't blame them- I think they just need to reevaluate their level of service and hotel rating. The spa don't work. The inside is a bit grim. The sauna was way too hot and the steam is not steamy just wet - the floor tiles need re-grouting....The front desk manager is alright - he is doing his job but the rest of the managers, where are they? On the other hand- the place is peaceful. Merry Christmas!
    Come here for the beautiful view and tranquility!

    What’s nice about the resort?

    - Gorgeous balcony view from the superior room on the top floor (view from the lower floors are partially blocked by trees)
    - Very clean, comfortable and attractive room – excellent housekeeping staff!
    - Large and private hotel ground inaccessible to non-hotel guests
    - Fairly good service overall (duty manager is great!)
    - 5 to 10 minutes on foot to the city centre and other beaches. Nearby elevated walkway around the cliff offers splendid view of the sea and islets
    - Much better food served here compared to the city centre
    - Peaceful and quiet during low season (not sure about high season though)
    - Excellent value for money (I booked a “winter promotion” package with the hotel directly and it includes daily buffet breakfast and hearty set lunch)

    Thumbs down for :
    Soap and shampoo are provided in medium size pump bottles (refillable) but due to overuse and lack of regular cleaning (or replacement of the old bottles when necessary), the bottles give out an unpleasant odour

    Poor spa service – staff is reasonably skilful but in a terrible hurry to finish her service despite the absence of any other customers there. No soothing spa music being played in the room. Other staff were busy staring at their mobile phones. Spa room looks old, neglected and uninviting. I hope the hotel shuts down the spa outlet for good.

    Despite some of its shortcomings, it had been a wonderful stay for me overall and I'm very happy I made this hotel choice.
    A little tired

    In it's hey day would have been very special but now needs a lot of money spent on it..pool was lovely and maintained but that is all. The rooms were comfortable with spacious bathrooms. The beds were very uncomfortable hard as a rock and could feel the springs in our backs... The room was very musty but improved once balcony door was opened. The staff were not attentive at all we set with plates on our table for at least 1 hour whilst staff were sitting in their mobile phones.