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    Bo Resort Phú Quốc

    : Bãi biển Ông Lang
    Bo Resort Phú Quốc
    Standard Bungalow
    Standard Bungalow
    Seafront Bungalow
    Family Bungalow
    Family Bungalow
    Family Seafront
    Duplex Bungalow
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    Bãi đậu xe
    Dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay
    Dịch vụ phòng 24 giờ
    Nhà hàng
    Bãi biển riêng
    Massage & Spa
    Thuê xe đạp
    Wifi ở khu vực công cộng
    Bo Resort nằm trên khu vực đồi núi của miền Tây - Bắc bờ biển, ở điểm cuối của một vịnh đẹp và riêng biệt . Vịnh Ông Lăng là 1 trong những vịnh có vị trí tuyệt nhất của đảo, ở phía bên kia của làn ngư và sông Cửa Cạn

    Bo Resort là khu nghỉ mát lớn trên bờ biển phía Tây - Bắc. Đó là lý do tại sao nó có bầu không khí độc đáo tách biệt. Không có con đường đến bãi biển, đó là bãi biển riêng của resort

    Bạn có thể ở nơi nào khác trên thế giới trên một bãi biển riêng 4km với thiên nhiên an toàn và không bị tách biệt với những tiện nghi giải trí hiện đại

    Hoàng hôn ở Phú Quốc là ngoạn mục nhất ở Việt Nam, điều này là bởi vì hầu hết các bãi biển là hướng về phía Tây, không giống như những bãi biển khác ở Việt Nam

    Bo Resort nằm trên một ngọn đồi rừng cuộn xuống vịnh Thái Lan, được thiên nhiên ban tặng những gì tuyệt vời nhất, đó là khu vườn đáng yêu nhất và bạn sẽ tìm thấy màu sắc phong phú trong sự phong phú. Con đường dệt xuống một sân đỗ của cỏ kết thúc ở rừng cọ nằm ven bãi cát , đó là hình ảnh phản chiếu của Bo Resort 

    Quán bar / nhà hàng nằm cạnh bờ biển, đó là nơi gặp gỡ giao tiếp của mọi người tại resort 

    Điểm nổi bật

    Ý kiến đánh giá của khách hàng
    Gửi đánh giá
    Secluded and beautiful, expensive food and some issues

    This resort is in a really beautiful part of the world and very secluded, a great break for the hustle and bustle of mainland Vietnam. The beach is beautiful and you could explore for miles. If you are completely aware of what this resort offers it is perfect, but we had some surprises!

    the food is expensive - understandably as the resort is only small and eco focused but we didn't feel the quality matched the price. The most shocking thing was the price of water - 35,000 dong for a 1.5l bottle! We thought this was extortionate for something that is a basic human need. You can walk 25 mins to a shop where its 10,000 a bottle which is what we did.

    Also not sure if its there permanently or if it was moored there during our stay but there was a huge metal tanker boat blocking the view of the sea which was a real eye sore. Couldn't see it mentioned in other reviews so I hope for the sake of future guests it is only there this week.

    The bungalow we stayed in was very much open to wildlife - if we knew this we probably wouldn't have booked it. Not sure if the other bungalows were built differently. But note there was mosquito nets covering the beds. Sharing your room with giant spiders and bats isn't the most relaxing experience!

    Hot water didn't work during our stay - not the end of the world as weather was so warm but still would have been nice.

    Staff at reception were so helpful - they exchanged dong to dollars for us, booked taxis and sorting our journeys to Phnom Penh. My friend cut her foot on the beach and they cleaned it up and gave her a plaster. The service in the restaurant wasn't very fast and we seemed to wait much longer than other guests for our food, even when we ordered the same things. Not sure why this was but the restaurant wasn't big so didn't understand the delay!

    Overall, a great resort for basic holiday living and helpful staff but somethings could improve the experience and a little expensive for a backpacker!
    Very relaxing place to stay

    we stayed here at the end of a 3 week trip and it was perfect for 3 days of relaxing. We had initially planned to rent bikes and explore, but ended up just staying on the beach, because it was such a beautiful place. Compared to all the other 6 places we had stayed in, this is basic, but it was perfect. We had our own bungalow in the garden. It had beds, mosquito nets, a couple of fans on the wall and a bathroom. We didn't need anything else. My teenage daughter was somewhat shocked when we arrived, but was quickly won over. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves was wonderful. The staff were so helpful, especially the bar staff! The owner will forever be remembered in our family has ' the really nice man ' ( according to my 9 year old son) after taking my daughter's phone to town to have her screen repaired, just because he knew a shop who could do it! I wish I could just pop back every now and again, but I suspect the 30 hour journey home from there might just make that a bit tricky!
    Overpriced and overratted

    Only warm water when the sun is shining. Unfortunately we had 3 days rain, so we had to shower in really cold water. The prices in the restaurant are way too much for what you get (way too much!). Breakfast isn't that much and when you want some more, you have to pay the jackpot for some instant noodles. The WiFi only works in the restaurant and even then it doesn't work properly. Also the snorkling gear isn't for free although it says so on Booking.com. We wanted to have some luxury after our 4 weeks vacation in Vietnam but some hostels where even better (and way cheaper). Also I wouldn't recommend to come here with your kids because there is nothing to do in the resort. Even if the sun is shining you can't swim here because the sea is too dangerous for kids to swim as a result of the high waves and rocky shore.
    Extremely nice stay!

    If you re looking for a relaxing holiday far away from our daily busy life and is the Bo definitly the place to be. The staff is friendly and helpful. Thank you Régis and Marie for your warm welcome and your usefull tips about the island. We only stayed 3 nights and we would love to come back.
    Great staff and great food

    Bo Resort is beautifully landscaped and is right by the sea. The view from our cottage by the sea was a bit limited by a restaurant pavilion, and the cottage was a bit dark.
    The staff is incredibly helpful and accommodating, and the food at the resort is fantastic.
    Primitive and quite lovely

    If you're seeking a relaxing vacation away from phones and computers, I highly recommend Bo Resort. Coming to an island, the last thing to be concerned about is wifi. They're environmentally friendly as far as energy and water consumption, which was admirable. The grounds are beautifully maintained and gardened with tropical plants. Food was good, but slightly over priced. Don't be afraid to venture off the property as there are other restaurants within walking distance such as Sakura. I would recommend hiring a motorbike to explore the island, as Bo offers a decent daily rate.

    Regis was a great host overall. He takes the time to get to know the guests and he gave us plenty of recommendations (especially for French food) back in Saigon.

    We wish we had more than a 3 night stay, and would love to visit Bo again.

    Thanks again Regis!
    Kayla and Gus
    romantic and secluded - nevertheless (too) expensive

    In Deutsch: ich schliesse mich den Bewertungen von Bianca N und Thomas A an - was ambivalent ist, aber eben: die Bewertung des Bo Resort fällt mir nicht leicht - wir hatten eine sehr schöne, entspannte Zeit und haben sehr nette Menschen hier kennengelernt. Es ist wirklich speziell, man hat den Strand quasi für sich allein und die Abgeschiedenheit ist schon besonders - nachts hört man durch das offene Dach den Wald rauschen... trotzdem: für einen zweiten Kaffee beim Frühstück extra zahlen bei 80.- USD/Nacht ist nicht ok!

    English: Rating the Bo Resort is difficult as I feel so ambivalent about it. We enjoyed our stay there immensely, it was genuinely relaxed and laid back, because of the beautiful, serene beach and secluded location, but basically we had to ignore the prices for three days...

    We chose to stay at the Bo Resort after I read from another user that it is situated at a rather protected sort of "bay" and therefor ideal for children - and really, the beach/bay is amazing - you are practically alone there. Complete opposite to long beach where you have one resort next to the other. The atmosphere therefore is extremely relaxed and as there are only few bungalows it is rather exclusive.

    The bungalows are losely scattered through the descending forest towards the beach (which requires a bit of climbing to get to/from the beach), the "open" architecture makes you feel as if you are sleeping under the open sky at night, which is magical.

    It is nicely decorated and everything feels very familiar, as if you are among friends. Because there is not much space for many guests, you also quickly get in touch with others and kids can roam around pretty freely. They even had some toys for them to play in the sand, which was great.

    But you pay for being so secluded. It starts with the cab ride from the airport which was more expensive than anywhere else. Since it is so off the beaten tracks you are basically forced to eat there, and the resto - albeit very good food and large portions - is rather expensive. Same for everything else - like renting or buying snorkeling gear etc.

    Great plus was the kids menu with selfmade, fresh "fish fingers".
    Biggest minus is the poor choice of breakfast and just one (one!) hot drink per person - meaning, for a second coffee at breakfast you pay extra.

    Also, when we were there the warm water was not working, which is not great when you hae small children - without any offer of compensation. I appreciate "eco" but also the option of drying my hair, which is not possible (not enough energy for a hair dryer - again, at a less expensive stay I would not mind, but at that price I simply expect more.)

    Bungalows could be cleaner and I would have appreciated a closet to store things, instead of only a bamboo rack.

    We found the beach was well maintained - obviously, it got cleaned every morning, and deck chairs etc unfolded. The bar/terrace sitting on the beach was lovely.

    Again, W-Lan was poor and only worked around the main terrace.

    Towards us, the staff was mostly very friendly, but we probably earned that because of our children (Vietnamese love kids) - we also liked the owners.

    The Bo Resort prices would even be ok if they would improve a few things and add a few details.
    However, lacking suitable alternatives on the Island, we would probably return here (as Long Beach is not an option and everything else that is equally secluded and special is triple the price...).

    All in all the Bo Resort is a lovely place to be at, despite the price:-)
    Perfect stay

    We stayed for four nights at Bo Resort and really enjoyed the trip. The rooms are fairly low key and basic, but that was what we wanted - rustique chic! We were upgraded to a bigger room on arrival which was great. The food was great - try the Thai hotpot - share for two. The beach was great and we hired motor bikes and went on a day trip to turtle island. Really recommend this place if you can get a cheap rate.
    Simply great!!

    Perfect as romantic site for couples, the place is simply lovely and the staff were always very nice to us!
    The bungalows have super charm, everything is clean and well maintained.
    The restaurant was the best for us, really enjoyed with so delicious meals by the seaside!
    The only disappointing aspect was the areal next to the hotel, which is unfortuately plenty of rubish. Also when going swimming were some plastic objects in the sea, but the water is really clean and there are some fishes among the reef in front of the hotel!
    Relaxed eco resort

    There are about 20 individual villas/huts in a sort of managed rain forest setting on the side of a hill going down to a very private beach, They're built of brick and wood, with roofs of palm thatch and some tiles. Each has a veranda with views through the trees to the bay (some have a pure sea view and you pay extra for that). The huts are well spaced so we were not disturbed by neighbours.

    Huts have solar water heating (which worked well for us) and low power electricity (can't plug in hair dryers). There are fans but no air conditioning. Beds were firm but comfortable. Linen was clean. Room was clean on arrival and cleaned daily, mainly to remove sand.

    The beach setting is idyllic. Lots of hammocks and beds and chairs.

    We went in April when it's beginning to get very hot and humid (mid 30s and about 70-80%). It rained a few times, mostly at night.

    The reception/bar/restaurant area beside the beach offers free high speed wifi (about 16mb/sec), there's none in the huts.

    Food was good - cheap as hotels go, expensive compared to restaurants; and bar prices were reasonable. We were staying as a mixed group of friends and family, and somehow they managed to keep an accurate record of all the food and refreshment orders.

    Staff were helpful and willing - some had limited English (if I were running the place, this is one area of training I'd review).

    Taxis need to be ordered and take about 10 mins.
    Night market in Duong Dong (about 10-15 mins by taxi) was a spectacle, with many fish restaurants offering really fresh fish.