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    Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant

    : Biển Vũng Bầu
    Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant
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    Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant nằm trên một đoạn hoang sơ hẻo lánh của vịnh Vũng Bầu trên đảo Phú Quốc.

    Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant gồm 17 phòng gia đình. nhà bếp phục vụ các món ăn tự chế Việt Nam với hải sản tươi sống, rau xanh và nhiều món ăn nổi tiếng Việt Nam. Tất cả các phòng đều được đặt trong các biệt thự rộng rãi với cảnh quan tuyệt đẹp của biển và bầu trời , đều có giường kích cỡ Queen size, phòng tắm với thiết kế mở độc đáo. Nước nóng được cung cấp bởi các tấm thu năng lượng mặt trời, và cung cấp các cảnh quan xung quanh bạn.

    Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant cách 30 phút từ sân bay , cho bạn sự thanh bình và vẻ đẹp của thiên nhiên.

    Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant tin rằng với vị trí lý tưởng của vịnh Vũng Bầu trên đảo Phú Quốc là một nơi huyền diệu mà những người khác cũng sẽ thưởng thức. Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant mong muốn kết hợp vẻ đẹp tự nhiên của Vũng Bầu với dịch vụ chu đáo, thức ăn tuyệt vời, phong cách trang nhã, đơn giản và thoải mái đến du khách 

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    perfect getaway away from the tourist crowd

    My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend beginning of July in this beautiful place far away from the tourist crowd. Getting there can be quite adventurous due to the road conditions but it was absolutely worth it. The staff was very kind and helpful and the food was tasty. For us it was the perfect place and being able to contribute to the development of eco-tourism in this part of the world with our stay on top was just great.

    A special thank you to Charles and his team.
    Your slice of Paradise

    We stayed for 9 nights at Bamboo and believe it's the best value for money you will receive on Phu Quoc! The food is brilliant, the staff are brilliant and the location.. well.. put it this way.. You will not find better! Hire a resort scooter and check out what this brilliant island has to offer, when your done, make your way back to Bamboo, grab a fresh fruit cocktail and enjoy the sunset dropping over the island into the gulf of Thailand! Or, grab a book, soak up the sun and swim in the calm waters right at your doorstep. It's getting "getting back to nature" done tastefully and unforgettably at its finest. You'll love it!
    Wonderful place

    We stayed at Bamboo Cottages for 5 days at the end of August/start of September 2015. The staff were friendly and accommodating, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the surroundings were idyllic. The facilities weren't 5* but they were clean and perfectly comfortable - 5* luxury would have felt out of place in such a natural environment anyway. We are usually explorers and like to venture out but didn't feel the need to do so and took our stay at Bamboo as an opportunity to unwind. The cottages are on the beach so that you can hear the lovely sound of waves crashing from your room. The food at the restaurant was brilliant and very reasonably priced. There were lots of lovely touches - such as free drinking water, communal dinners to get meet others staying at the cottages and the occasional free (delicious) cocktail. I can't recommend the place enough and hope it can continue to flourish in and amongst the bigger developments popping up on the Island. Thank you for a wonderful stay.
    Remote location and nice staff

    Here are the pros: isolated location helps you relax, the staff is super friendly, never ending coffee at breakfast, large rooms.

    cons: because it is an eco resort it runs on solar power which means no a/c, which may not even bother you, but when I arrived I wasn't feeling well and the heat made me feel sort of worse. the solar power did weird things to my phone charger and it was difficult to have a fully charged phone. their menu is some what limited and b/c you're far away from everything you have to just be OK with it.

    Overall this is a good place for people who don't need as many creature comforts as the next. The staff is really just great and so is the view. Go to relax!
    A Quiet Escape

    This was an amazing place to stay after spending several weeks in Vietnam. The resort is isolated, which suited us. The beach bungalows are so close to the water and the view from the rooms were outstanding. It was interesting to read other reviews and we had mixed feelings on our way there. The resort is away from everything, there is no air conditioning, the bathroom has no roof and there are no washing machines. As the island is Eco-Friendly everything relies on solar power. So if you want a hot shower, you cannot rely on this. We had warm water everyday even though we had three overcast days.
    If you can go without a few luxuries, this place is paradise. The staff are great and go out of there way to please you. Remember this is not a five star hotel however, they treat you like a 5 star customer.
    We hope to call through again in 2017.
    Regards Terrence and Jenny-Maree
    Best place in Vietnam

    The hotel is made by several small houses just in fron of a wonderful beach in a quiet area of the Island of Phu Quoc... The views are amazing, the sea is clean and everything is kept how it should! They have kayaks to get for free to visit the bay and a little Island just in front of the resort(wonderful corals and tropical fishes of any kind/colour), you can also get a bike if you prefer or pay a bit to get a moped and visit the Island (the market of Duong Dong is really appealing)! The staff was incredibly nice, polite, always trying to do the best, and everybody had a big smile (which is quite rare to find nowadays)... I went fishing and they cooked the fishes to my girlfriend (they were delicius)!!! The food is really good and fresh, the breakfast was incredibly nice!
    Just one thing, do not try the wine from Dalat (Vietnam), it is the worst wine I have ever tried, apart from that, a 10 out of 10!!!
    Literally Paradise

    We've been home for almost a month now, and I still find myself smiling at the amazing experience we had here. First, the price is amazing for what you get: A bungalow on the beach, breakfast on the beach, dinner on the beach . . . you are literally right on the beach.

    The food is great, locally grown and served fresh! (if you exhaust their options, there are several other hotels nearby that welcome you to just stop and eat.) One of our favorite experiences was the family style dinners they offered twice a week. It's a great way to get to know everyone else there, and a fun blending of cultures. We were sad that no one else but us booked the second family dinner night, and we wished we would have been informed of that before we sat down to eat all that food alone, but everything was so delicious we couldn't really complain.

    The facilities are eco-friendly, so be aware there is no air conditioning. We dropped the mosquito netting at night and turned the fan on; we had no problems. We were outside pretty much all day. The bathroom is open air, which means you'll find some critters from time to time, but we quite enjoyed watching the geckos while we showered :) Even in the rainy season, we had no issues with lack of hot water or electricity.

    The Perks: 1) Unlimited water. Just refill your bottle in the lobby. 2) Mosquito coils, umbrellas, slippers provided. 3) Beach beds and hammocks, as well as 2 kyaks are available for use. 4) Impromptu jam sessions with the owner. If you didn't bring your guitar, he has an extra and he loves to sing and play. 5) The staff. I can't remember them all by name, but their kindness and generosity is unforgettable. Bella delivered our anniversary wine and was our go to for questions and suggestions. The beach side massages were a highlight of our trip, and of course we enjoyed talking with Charles.

    I'm sure you've heard enough to go ahead and book. Don't let the bumpy dirt road on the way in scare you. It's totally worth the trek.
    The perfect getaway!

    Amazing location and cosy rooms! Very friendly staff and good food! No wi-fi in the rooms but that's just a + in my opinion.

    Very good place to visit if u want to avoid the typical "tourist feeling".

    They have some good vegetarian dishes on the menue in their restaurant + they use 100% solar power!

    Beautiful surroundings, great food and starry starry nights...

    We spent 10 nights at the Bamboo Cottages in July 2015 and were made to feel part of the family throughout our stay. Our room was very comfortable and the gorgeous outdoor bathroom made for a unique showering experience! As it's an eco-resort there's no air con, but the temperature was cool enough to get a good night's sleep assisted by the sound of crashing waves only meters from our sea-front room. Because it was rainy season, we literally had the whole beach to ourselves some days, not that it rained every day, and when the water was calm enough it was a beautiful spot for swimming. Any nature lover would appreciate the beautiful surroundings abounding with butterflies, geckos and lizards during the day, the constant sound of the sea and the starry starry nights. The menu was interesting and extensive, so we enjoyed trying a new meal each and every day, and the standard was always exceptionally high so we really didn't need or want to venture out for other dining options. Breakfast was great with a good variety to select from and included coffee, fruit and bread, while the family dinners were a wonderful chance to meet other guests from around the world while tucking into some of the best Vietnamese cuisine we tasted throughout our trip. The service was excellent and all of the staff took great care of us, making us feel very relaxed and at home every day. We enjoyed massage on the beach front, kayaking to the nearest island, and exploring on a few motorcycle trips during our stay. If you decide to venture out from the seclusion of the cottages, then the East coast trip was most enjoyable as there appears to be much less development on that coast, but the adventurous route is indeed that, so not the best for the faint-hearted or for motorcycle novices! The reason we chose the resort was because of it's environmental ethos and the great communication from the manager, Charles, prior to the trip, so if you want to know more then get in touch directly, he will no doubt be most helpful! Thank you to all the wonderful Bamboo staff for a really lovely stay! Dianne and John x
    What we hoped for

    A wonderful secluded, stylish and beautiful place. We arrived at night on a dusty bumpy road. This drive added to the idea of going to something special 'of the beaten track'. The pictures on TripAdvisor don't seem to capture the place. It's even better, very cosy. The furniture and style of the reception/restaurant is beautiful. So many little details and a lot of effort put in to it it seems. The garden is green, looked after but still very wild. Little tables are scattered around the garden and the sea is right at you feet. The Eco policy of Bamboo Cottages is just wonderful and very well explained in a brochure in your room. The staff looks after the beach well and it is cleaned from rubbish every day. You can have a walk along the beach to neighbour resorts and local houses. It's so sad to see how much rubbish is washed ashore, because us people just make such a mess! But every month there is a big clean up organised by locals and you can even join! So do!
    We stayed at a 'seafront view cabine'. Just perfect! The room is nice and two steps away from a sun bed and three steps away from the sea. We loved the outside bathroom!
    We spent our days totally relaxing. Having the really nice big (included) breakfast, reading a book, swimming and walking. You can use a free kayak. We went for snorkelling to a little island. Really beautiful underwater world! I was shocked by locals walking with shoes on the coral! It's also very easy to rent a motorbike (scooter) and explore the island. At night the staff organise movie nights, I loved it! They organise family dinners (you can join but you don't have to) and you'll have dinner at one big table with the other guests. And if you are lucky the owner will perform in the reception/restaurant area with his guitar and he sings. Definitely ask for 'Satisfaction'!
    The staff is learning English and is sometimes insecure and find it hard to understand what you 're saying, but they are really making an effort. They were very charming and always ready to help! The American manager, Charles, is a very good coach for them and tries to learn the staff the 'tricks of the trade' and makes sure they follow English lessons. There is no doubt in my mind that thanks to Charles the place is as wonderful as it is. He even asks your opinion on things while your there. Driving around Phu Quoc on the bike, made me wish there where more people with the mindset of Charles. They are building big big hotels everywhere! The island needs much more places like Bamboo Cottages! We loved it and would promote it to anyone who would listen!
    Ramon & Kirsten from Ha Lan